A Concert in Lancaster

Last evening, I had the pleasure to see one of the society’s members, Frank Zarefoss, perform in concert. In addition to being a member of the Classical Guitar Society, Frank plays jazz and rock in and around central PA. Last night’s concert was dedicated to the classical guitar.

The first section of the concert was devoted to a suite by Alexandre Tansman,  In Modo Polonico. Tansman lived from 1897 to 1986 and described himself as a French-Polish composer. For those not up on their Polish, it translates to “In a Polish Mode”. As I listened to the suite some of the pieces echoed old polish songs I had heard performed before, most notably the Kujaviak. The full suite is listed here:

  • Entree
  • Galliarde
  • Kujawiak
  • Tempo de Polonaise
  • Kolysanka
  • Reverie
  • Alla Polacca
  • Kolysanka No. 2
  • Oberek

Frank played the entire suite quite nicely, bringing out the subtlety of the polish rhythms running behind the pieces and making them “Polish.” This is an interesting piece and an interesting composer that I would like to explore further.

The second half of the program consisted of repertoire that would be familiar to most classical guitar students and aficionados, three pieces from Bach’s Cello Suite No 1, and pieces by Gluck Satie and Villa-Lobos. All were played deftly and with the feeling that they had been friends of Frank for a long time and he wanted to introduce his friends to his audience.

The audience was small but focused intently on Frank’s playing. A good time was had by all.  

An additional benefit was that two members of the audience were interested in becoming members of the society. Hopefully next month’s member concert will continue to help us spread the word.

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