Classical Guitar Resources

This page is a work in progress. It is an attempt to collect some of the many resources available for classical guitarists. The good news for all of us is that the list seems to grow on a regular basis.

Local Guitar Teachers

There are a number of local classical guitar teachers. As we find them, these will be listed here.

Frank Zarefoss. Frank is a member of the society. He can be reached at

Classical Guitar Societies

Lancaster PA is centrally located, with easy access to Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore. All are about an hour away.  All of these have active classical guitar societies. There are many events that are of note and good information to be had from visiting the websites of our sister societies.

Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society. There is a lot happening in classical guitar in Philadelphia and most of it is listed somewhere on this site. Of note is the 2019 Guitar Competition and Festival.

Wilmington Classical Guitar. This site lists even more events in the Wilmington and Delaware valley areas. Included are lists of upcoming masterclasses and a number of semi-local teachers.

St. Louis Classical Guitar. One of the oldest classical guitar societies in the country. A bit far away, but worthy of note for the many creative programs they are developing for young guitarists.

Virtual Lessons:

Classical Guitar Corner. This is the brainchild and labor of love from Simon Powis. CGC provides a well structured curriculum with grades that match well known standards such as Trinity Guildhall. It  is well worth you time if you are interested in learning the classical guitar in a structured and formal manner and with the support of a large, friendly online community.

ToneBase. This is a site with many lessons provided by many guitarists you may know. In addition to names like Eliot Fisk and Frederick Hand, it seems as if they are collecting all former winners of the GFA award.

Strings By Mail. This is a very cool but strange site. Strings by mail is a site that sells strings, and you can actually click on the home page and buy strings. They have also collected some great guitar lessons that are available for free.

This is Classical Guitar:  This is another site that is clearly a labor of love on the part of the person putting it together, Bradford Werner. You will find lessons, sheet music, links to great guitar videos and more. There is also a blog, guitar gear reviews and an international list of luthiers.

Six String Journal. I was unsure as to where to put this, since there is so much here. In the end I placed it in the virtual lessons, but it will take some time to work through the wealth of information contained on the site.

The Fluent Guitarist. This is a site that provides a DAILY sight reading exercise for classical guitarists. If you are one of the folks who thinks “I need to get better at sight reading” this is a site worth exploring.

Podcasts and Radio

Classical Guitar Corner Podcast. This is the podcast done by Simon Powis as part of his Classical Guitar Corner. An interesting collection that  includes performance suggestions, interviews with musicians and a variety of other topics of interest.

Classical Guitar Alive. This is a radio program hosted by Tony Morris. The program is great and has a lot of what you might expect from a classical guitar radio program. It is probably best to listen to on your PC however, as I have had issues listening on my phone, and cannot find a podcast feed.

Classical Guitar Insider. The is the brainchild of Brett Williams, who describes himself as “world’s whiniest classical guitarist, educator, and over eater.” While not for the faint of heart, it is definitely worth a listen.

Inside Classical Guitar is a radio program that is put together by the St. Louis Classical Guitar society. This gives another hour per week of radio dedicated to the classical guitar. There are additional links on the site to a variety of items of interest, as well as archives of most of the previous programs.

Performance and Miscellany

I am now sure how I would classify Classical Guitar Magazine. It has stories, videos, music and advice, all of very high quality. I know when it arrives in the mailbox it is always a good day. The website is a pretty good example of using digital to the best advantage.